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Poverty-stricken areas of the Caribbean and Latin America are chronically fighting against malnutrition in both the young and old.  For most impoverished families, daily routines involve scavenging for some type of food.

Food For The Poor acknowledges the importance of breaking the cycle of poverty and has taken the initiative to launch multiple aquaculture projects, including tilapia farms, in the Caribbean and Latin American countries where we serve. Tilapia fish farms provide not only nutrients and vital protein, but also a self-sustaining food resource.

Food For The Poor has embarked on installing and training the necessary components to launch and maintain these tilapia fish farms. Since 2005, 212 Tilapia ponds have been established. Our friends in Taiwan at the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) provide their expert knowledge, experience and training to implement these complex aquatic farms in the countries where we serve. Once these tilapia farms are established, an extensive amount of training is given to the members of the communities these ponds will support.

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The implementation of a fish farm allows untrained women and men to learn a vital self-sustaining trade to not only feed their families, but to provide additional income to support their children. In turn, their children have the opportunity for an education and to learn other trades. What a great feeling to know you can provide for your family and achieve a better future for your children.

Why tilapia and not another fish species?  Studies show the tilapia to be a hardy, prolific, fast-growing breed of fish. Tilapia contract less diseases, mature quickly and can grow in environments where other species are unable to survive.

With the resource of tilapia farms, children can be fed while the protein received from the fish will assist in the prevention of malnutrition, diseases and deaths related to starvation.

In many of the areas we serve the surrounding waters have been polluted by runoff and erosion. Consequently, fishermen must journey far offshore to catch fish, but most can’t afford the type of boat sturdy enough to make such a trip.

Without these tilapia farms, the fishermen would lack an important source of food and an income. The implementation and success of these tilapia farms ensures jobs, steady incomes, food and dignity.

- June 2010

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