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Fishing Villages Micro-enterprise

One of Food For The Poor’s main objectives is to give destitute families the tools needed to support themselves. In this way, communities become self-sustaining, and the vicious cycle of poverty can be broken.

Fishing villages are an effective means of giving poor coastal communities the training and resources needed to feed themselves and support their families.

The fishermen in these areas do not lack motivation or potential; they merely lack the proper equipment and knowledge needed to fish in deeper waters, catch larger and more marketable fish, and sell their catch in the market to earn an income.

With the help of generous donors like you, Food For The Poor equips destitute coastal villages with everything needed to begin this entrepreneurial self-help program. This includes boats, engines, navigation equipment, coolers for storing fish, gear sheds and safety equipment.

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Villagers are selected to form cooperatives and share the responsibilities of each boat. Members of each team are trained not only in fishing techniques, but are also given basic instruction in marketing so that their labor will be a source of income for their families. In addition, fishermen in Food For The Poor’s fishing villages agree to return a percentage of their catch to the community to help feed elderly members and those who are unable to help themselves. Fishermen also teach their children the skills they have learned, so that future generations will benefit.

By helping destitute families help themselves, Food For The Poor enables entire communities not only to survive, but also to thrive.



  • Food For The Poor has built 30 fishing villages in Haiti, and more will be established to assist destitute families.
  • We continue to monitor and train the fishermen of 17 Food For The Poor fishing villages located throughout Jamaica.
  • We provide not only boats, but also engines, equipment and coolers to store the fish. Food For The Poor also offers training to fishermen in the program.
  • Food For The Poor's fishing villages benefit entire communities and provide a future source of food and income.

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Through the generosity of donors like you, Food For The Poor can help feed those who have not been able to feed themselves. Your gifts give poor families a “hand-up” out of poverty. Thank you for your compassion and generosity.

- April 2010

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