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All across the Caribbean and Latin America, millions of children desperately need your help. These children face a shortage of even the most basic of necessities, often not even having enough food to eat. They live in sub-human conditions and many don’t have the opportunity to attend school. There is no public assistance, no food stamp program and no soup kitchens for these children. They are on the brink of being forgotten, like others who have already lost their lives to disease, thirst, and starvation.

But you can make a difference when you become an Angel Of The Poor. As an Angel Of The Poor, your monthly gift will do so much to help children in need… like providing nutritious food and critically needed medicines to innocent little ones.

As soon as you join the Angels Of The Poor program you will receive a special welcome package outlining your official membership, including:

  • A photo card with the story of a needy child, who, just like so many other suffering children, can have their prayers answered through your loving gift
  • Magnet frame to display the photo
  • Special gift of hand-crafted banana bark cards made in Haiti

The children throughout the countries that Food For The Poor serves rarely get the opportunity to dream about “what they want to be when they grow up,” for these children their dreams are about having enough food to eat, clean water to drink and a safe place to sleep at night.

Please start your monthly gift today so that these children can regain the power to dream. — Cheryl

Become an Angel
“And whoever receives one child such as this
in My name receives Me.”
(Matthew 18:5)