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Dear Campus Friends,

Would you consider pulling an all-nighter on your campus — not to cram for an exam or write a paper, but to help starving families in the Third World?

Friday, October 16 is World Food Day, and you’re invited to participate in an “All-Nighter for the Poor.” You and your college group can come together for one night to raise awareness and donations for food programs in developing Caribbean and Latin American nations.

This all-night-long fundraiser will support programs that break the cycle of poverty for destitute families. Together with Food For The Poor, the #1 international relief and development organization that provides aid to these regions, you can help families feed themselves through self-sustaining agricultural, animal husbandry and fishing projects.

For example, a fishing village in Haiti provides a community with a self-sustaining source of food, jobs and income — all because villagers now have the equipment and training they need to catch an abundance of fish!

With the support of friends, faculty and family members, your group can make a huge difference in the lives of poor families. On the night of October 16, Food For The Poor will broadcast videos, testimonials, etc. live via Web-conference. The college group that raises the most funds will also receive a special prize from Food For The Poor.

In the upcoming weeks and months, will be the information hub for this fundraiser — it’ll be the place to download publicity materials, create personalized donation pages for your supporters, and more.

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for—the chance to pull an all-nighter…and still feel good about it in the morning! So please save the date…. We look forward to working with you and staying up late to help the poor!

Your friends at Food For The Poor

Download the PDF Just the FAQs… Frequently Asked Questions for basic information.

Download a brief PDF Checklist of things your group should do this semester to prepare for the event.

Downlaod PDF Posters and Flyer for your All-Nighter

All-Nighter posters and flyer PDFs All-Nighter poster All-Nighter poster All-Nighter poster All-Nighter poster All-Nighter poster All-Nighter flyer

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