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Raise Funds for the Poor!

You can raise funds and community awareness about poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America by sponsoring a local event.

Think about all the special gifts God has given you. Won’t you use these gifts to give something back to God by helping the poor?

When you raise funds to help those in dire need, you also strengthen your own community. You will experience the deep personal satisfaction that comes from working with others who share your commitment to this worthy cause.

How Do You Do It?

The first thing to remember is to have fun! Involve everyone you can, including all your neighbors and the extended community. Invite your parish, congregation, school, youth ministry, community service organizations, social clubs and co-workers to take part. Ask anyone and everyone to volunteer. Remember, we make the greatest difference in the lives of the destitute when we unite our efforts in collective Christian charity.

Food For The Poor will support you with tips for organizing and publicizing your event.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to mix and match from the list below — or dream up a whole new event for your community.

  • Raise Money Online: Become a Champion For The Poor and we’ll create a web page for you that you can use to raise money online.
  • Sales: Bake Sales, Bazaar, Garage/Parking Lot Sale, Plant Sale, and Flea Market.
  • Put On a Show: Fashion Show, Carnival, Holiday Pageant, Talent Show, Concert, Puppet Show, Variety Night, etc.
  • Host a Theme Meal: Fiesta Night, Calypso Night, Pancake Breakfast, International Potluck, English High Tea, and more…
  • Auction Off Talent: Handyman for a Day, Rent-a-Chef, Cleaning Services, Christmas Gift Wrapping Party, Personal Shopper, etc.
  • A-Thons: Bike, Walk, Midnight Roller Skate, Dance, Golf, and more… Participants get supporters to pledge money for each mile, hour, and birdie. Charge entrance fees (when applicable) and have a registration. Ask local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Operation Starfish: Operation Starfish is a wonderful way for each family in your church or school to make a real difference in the lives of our poorest brothers and sisters. By making a small daily donation of less than a dollar over a period of time, each family in your community can help save lives and bring hope to those in need.
  • Community Service Projects: Car Washing, Dog Walking, Painting, Lawn Mowing, Pet Sitting, and more… These activities are particularly good for youth groups and schools.

For more information about organizing a fundraising event for Food For The Poor, please contact our Church, School and Community Development Department at (954) 427-2222 ext. 6608, or e-mail

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