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Development projects

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Water wells

Water Wells

Contaminated water causes disease and, in extreme cases, death. Groups like yours help Food For The Poor provide wells and cisterns that bring fresh, safe drinking water to villages and communities whose access to clean water is limited.

Community center

Community Centers

Villagers can use a community center as a school for children, a job-training center for adults, a health clinic, and a place of worship for the whole village.

Fishing village

Fishing Villages

Group donations dedicated to fishing villages pay for boats, engines, tackle, safety gear, coolers, and storage sheds. The fishermen also agree to donate a portion of their catch or earnings to those less fortunate in their community.

Tilapia farms

Tilapia Farms

Tilapia are among the easiest and most profitable fish to farm. Fish farming is a long-term, sustainable way to provide people mired in poverty with high-quality, nutritious protein as well as a steady income.



Many people living in poverty try to survive in makeshift shelters that offer little protection from the elements, insects, and rodents. In these conditions, sickness and disease are rampant. For a destitute family, a new home would answer their most urgent prayers. Groups can partner with Food For The Poor to fund simple, safe, and sturdy homes.

Animal husbandry

Animal Husbandry Farms

Raising farm animals such as goats, chickens, and cows provides a valuable source of income, as well as nutrition from milk, cheese, and eggs. Your group can help Food For The Poor supply animal rearing projects to needy people who work hard to prosper at these small business opportunities.


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