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Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

More than 60,000 people have arrived in Haiti from the Dominican Republic, with nowhere to go.


Multiply your gift

Save the lives of starving children today

Food For The Poor was offered a donation of $9 million worth of food and aid for the desperately poor of Guatemala and Haiti, but we don't have the funds to ship it.

Only salt to eat

Only salt to eat

When no one is looking, she wets her tiny fingers and dips them into a small bag of salt, licking it off as if she were savoring a delicious meal.

Huge faith of a little girl

You can help answer Jessica’s prayers

Although she is growing up in extreme poverty, Jessica believes wholeheartedly that God is watching over her and her family.

Brown Bag Match

Take advantage of this matching gift opportunity

Today, you can feed 50 starving children a nutritious meal for just $3, the cost of an average school lunch.

Summer Food Match

Your gift for food will be matched with a dollar’s worth of food

For years, 15-year-old Angela has been trying to honor her deceased mother’s wishes to make sure her siblings are fed.

6 Cents

Your spare change can feed a starving child

Little 4-year-old Elmer in Nicaragua has no idea when he will eat next.