You can feed this hungry child for just 6 cents

Your spare change can change a life

Yvaldo is starving. This frail 1-year-old lives in Haiti with his grandmother, Ginette, 63, who has been caring for Yvaldo since he was 1 month old. Despite her diligent efforts, Ginette rarely finds work… so sometimes there is no food.

“He cries when he is hungry, and he eats when we have food, but I have nothing to feed him,” Ginette said.

But you can help with just one penny and one nickel. Six cents can provide a lifesaving meal for a starving child like Yvaldo

Because Food For The Poor buys food supplies in bulk, your gift goes much further to deliver lifesaving shipments of nutritious food to hungry children.

Please, won't you help feed a starving child like Yvaldo today? Just 6 cents provides a meal for a malnourished child.

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“For the whole law is fulfilled
in one statement, namely,
‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’”
(Galatians 5:14)