A few pennies can save a life

Five-year-old Belkys, a frail little girl living in rural Nicaragua, has no idea if she will eat today. Due to severe malnutrition, little Belkys is dangerously tiny for her age. She is not gaining weight or growing taller, and her mother, Felicita, worries for her daughter's health. "The doctor tells me I must feed her more food so she can gain weight," Felicita said.

Belkys' parents struggle to find work to earn money for food. The more weight Belkys loses the more distraught they become.

But, with one penny and one nickel you can help. It costs 6 cents to provide a meal for a malnourished child, and because Food For The Poor buys food supplies in bulk you can imagine how much further your gift will go toward delivering lifesaving food.

Please, won't you help feed a starving child like Belkys today?

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