$3 normally feeds 50 starving children… now it goes even further!

Take advantage of this matching-gift opportunity!

What would happen if you spent $3, the average cost of school lunch, to feed starving children through Food For The Poor?

Fifty starving children would receive a nutritious meal.

But now your gifts for food will go even further. Through a special matching-food grant, for every dollar you give, a generous donor will donate a dollar’s worth of food for starving children like Osmany.

Osmany is 5 months old, but weighs just 10 pounds and has been admitted to the local hospital where he lives in Nicaragua once a month since his birth for pneumonia and dehydration. Because he is not getting enough food, Osmany’s immune system is compromised, and he is frequently sick.

“When Osmany was really sick I felt that I couldn’t help him, that I couldn’t do anything for him,” said Margine, Osmany’s mother. “Actually I thought that he was going to die at one point.”

That is why giving a gift today is such a great opportunity. Because today, the value of your gift will be doubled to save even more starving children like Osmany through this special matching-gift opportunity.

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“If you bestow your bread on the hungry
and satisfy the afflicted;
Then light shall rise for you
in the darkness… ”
(Isaiah 58:10a)