Urgetn Emergency Food Shortage

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Four years of drought plus the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew has resulted in a terrible food shortage in Haiti. According to the United Nations, 1.5 million Haitians are close to starvation and 45,000 innocent children are suffering from malnutrition. One victim is 11-month-old Samuel who suffers from severe malnutrition. Parasites in his swollen belly steal vital nutrients from what little food he has to eat.

Your help is urgently needed to deliver food to save the lives of precious children like Samuel.

Food For The Poor has been offered more than $2.7 million worth of food, but we need your help to deliver it. Every $1 you give will be transformed into more than $9 worth of aid. You can help save many starving children like Samuel.

Please help deliver this urgently needed food to help save children in Haiti!

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