My Lenten Sacrifice

How can a loving God allow children to suffer?

God uses compassionate people like you to help answer the prayers of precious little children like 4-year-old Lilly in Haiti. Lilly knows all too well the agony of hunger and the uncertainty of whether there will be food to fill her growling stomach.

Her mother, Nancy, does her best to care for Lilly and her brothers. It hurts Nancy to see her children suffering so much. “Sometimes I don’t have any money to give my children food, so they go to bed hungry,” Nancy said.

During this holy season of Lent, we reflect on Christ’s tremendous sacrifice of love for us. In thanks for all Christ has done, won’t you please make a sacrificial gift to help hungry children like Lilly and their families? Your Lenten sacrifice will feed hungry children like Lilly and ease their suffering. Click here to donate now.

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“This is My commandment:
love one another as I love you.”
(John 15:12)