Living a desperate life

Louvnika, 4, is a little girl with a hard life. She lives with the constant pain of hunger and has gone for up to three days without eating because her mother, Noncilia, had no food to feed her. Noncilia stays home to take care of her children, and her husband goes out to see if he can find wood to sell. The trouble is, everyone in their neighborhood is having the same problems and looking for jobs, too.

A table stands in their one-room hut, ready for a meal. “When we have food, I put the food on that table,” Noncilia said. But most of the time, the table sits empty because there isn’t anything to eat. Louvnika cries and wails when she’s hungry, and it’s hard for her mother to hear. “It hurts me when she goes to sleep hungry,” Noncilia said. “You know, hunger kills sometimes. That’s why I get afraid and I even cry.”

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