Food crisis alert

Your gift will multiply over 16.9 times to save starving children!

Food For The Poor has been offered more than $11.3 million worth of food and other aid for Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and Nicaragua. Drought, storms and instability have created a food crisis in these countries we serve. How could we turn away this incredible and timely gift?

There’s only one problem. We need your help to ship this lifesaving food and other aid to malnourished children and families who urgently need it. With so many children dying of starvation, we accepted this donation in faith. But we must act fast.

Your gift today to ship critically needed food and other aid will multiply more than 16.9 times to save starving children! That means for every $1 you give, $16.91 worth of aid will be shipped. Christ used five loaves and two fish to miraculously feed thousands. With God’s blessing, together, we can feed thousands in Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica and Nicaragua.

Your generosity will help save thousands of innocent hungry children. We pray that you will honor God with your blessings by giving to those in urgent need.

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“In their hunger
You gave them bread from heaven…”
(Nehemiah 9:15 NIV)