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Angels Of The Poor 

Angels Of The Poor (as seen on TV)

As an Angel Of The Poor, your monthly gift will do so much to help children in need... like providing nutritious food and critically needed medicines to innocent little ones.

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Your gift will be matched 

Your gift will be matched
to feed many more hungry children!

Hunger is not child’s play, yet so many children just like little 4-year-old Andrise can only pretend to make meals and eat food.

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We need your help 

$3 normally feeds 50 children…
now it goes even further!

What can $3 buy? Where I live, that's about the price of an average school lunch. But you can provide lunch for 50 starving children in the developing world for $3.

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We need your help 

Your spare change can feed a starving child

Little 3-year-old Corie stands sadly in the doorway of the rotting wooden shack she shares with her mother and siblings in South Georgetown, Guyana. Visibly malnourished, Corie's tiny ribs protrude under her skin.

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Your gift for food will be doubled 

“Lord, don’t let this house fall on us
in the night.”

Inside their decrepit shack in Jamaica, where one wall has already crumbled, Christine, and her children pray each night that their rotting house will not collapse on them.

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Your gift for food will be doubled 

The Book of Ismael: The story of a little boy
who needs clean water

Little nine-year-old Ismael dreams of going to school every day instead of trudging up and down a mountain in El Salvador to fetch water that contains parasites, bacteria and animal waste.

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