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Ismael in a bucket of cold salt water
Little Ismael sits in a bucket of cold salt water, his 2-year-old body burning with fever. His grandmother, Maria, is trying this home remedy to bring his fever down and relieve his suffering.

If you could feed twice as many starving children, would you?

Today you can!

Double your gift

Generous supporters have agreed to match your gift, dollar-for-dollar (up to $500,000). If we receive your gift before Easter Sunday, April 20, it will be doubled to feed twice as many malnourished children.

Your gift will be such a blessing for a poor family like Maria’s. Maria tries to comfort her seven grandchildren in Tela, Honduras. Her daughter can’t find work and is unable to provide for the children, so Maria does what she can. She begs for corn flour from neighbors so she can make and sell flour tortillas for what we might consider spare change. But many days she has no flour and she cannot feed the children.

“They cry because they have nothing to eat, but what can I do?” Maria said.

Maria feels helpless and hopeless. But you can demonstrate God’s love and give hope to families like Maria’s this Easter. You can provide lifesaving food to a malnourished child and save a life.

Remember, every dollar you give becomes two! Feeding just one hungry child is an incredible blessing, but give today and watch that blessing grow!

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“Give, and it will be given to you.”
(Luke 6:38a, NIV)

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