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From: Gloria Elvir
Sent: Tuesday, 9:59 PM
To: Robin Mahfood
Subject: We need your help

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# Yensi, 18 months old, only 8.8 pounds


I am writing because I am desperate about our nutritional center’s lack of resources. I know that your support can mean the difference between life and death for so many starving children.

Children like tiny Yensi come to us so malnourished. Yensi is 18 months old, but weighs only 8.8 pounds ― about a third of what a toddler her age should weigh. We are racing around the clock to prevent irreversible damage to her physical and mental development.

We desperately want to help little Yensi, and every child brought to us. It’s heartbreaking to be forced to turn away even one starving child, but our resources have been stretched too thin.

Robin, your donors have selflessly answered our pleas in the past, and I know that they won’t forget us now. Please ask them to keep our nutritional center and the children of Honduras in their prayers. And thank them for helping us save children like little Yensi.

God bless you and your ministry,
Gloria Elvir
Director, Nutre Hogar
Cortes, Honduras

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“As often as you did it to one of the least
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