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From: Sister Edna Morales
Sent: Wednesday, 4:51 PM
To: Robin Mahfood
Subject: Your help is needed

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# Wilber: 17 months old, only 10 pounds
Wilber: 17 months old, only 10 pounds


I am gravely concerned about the starving children of Guatemala. In rural areas, little ones are wasting away. We're fighting for their lives, but we cannot carry on without help. Nutritional centers like ours are overwhelmed. Please tell your donors that we urgently need their help.

Guatemala suffers from high unemployment and severe drought, but the children always suffer the most. About 49 percent of our children under 5 are chronically malnourished.

Children should be carefree and full of life, but malnourished children are too weak to eat or play. Sadly, if they survive childhood, they will bear the health effects of malnutrition for the rest of their lives. Every time I see children suffering, it reminds me of how Jesus suffered, and I pray we can comfort them.

Please tell your donors how severe the situation is here, and how desperately we need their help. We need the resources to provide them with the nutritious food and medicines they need to survive. Working together, we can save these innocent young lives.

Yours in Christ,
Sister Edna Morales
San Jose Nutritional Center
Teculutan, Guatemala

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