Your church's Lenten Sacrifice can transform lives!

40 Days of Change for Change

Prepare for the 2018 Lenten season by inviting your church members to participate in our 40 Days of Change for Change to build homes for the poor.

Only 90 cents per day from 100 families ($3,600) in your congregation during the 40 days of Lent can provide a safe shelter to a desperately poor family in Honduras, Nicaragua or Jamaica.

Once your church raises enough money to build a home, please send a check to Food For The Poor (or give online, below). When the home built by your parishioners is completed, we will send you a photo of the family you have helped in front of their new home, along with a certificate of appreciation that you can share with your parishioners.

For more information about organizing a Lenten fundraising event for the poor, please contact Food For The Poor’s Church, School and Community Development Department at 877-654-2960 or email

P.S. ― Thanks to Food For The Poor’s generous benefactors, a gift of a home in Nicaragua, Honduras or Jamaica will be matched. With this match, your church can provide a double-unit home for the cost of a single-unit home.

Click here to read some great fundraising ideas.

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“It will be a shelter and shade
from the heat of the day,
and a refuge and hiding place
from the storm and rain.”
(Isaiah 4:6, NIV)