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Answered Prayers - Sister Cristina’s Nutritional Center

Sister Christina uses a combination of prayer and food Join us in prayer

His ribs jutting out, Marvin Vasquez is too young to understand the tragedy that is happening to him. He only knows that he is sick, hungry and hurting. He arrived at Sister Cristina’s nutrition center in Guatemala for immediate medical treatment. Sister Cristina takes in starving children and nurtures them back to health using a combination of prayer and food. Prayer is an important part of her treatment for seriously ill patients, insists Sister Cristina.

Lester before and after
“And whoever receives one child such as this
in My name receives Me.”
(Matthew 18:5)

Sister Cristina’s caring, Christ-like nature is a balm to the little ones who come to her, starving and sick. Personal care is very important for the children to regain their health, she says.

When Lester arrived at Sister Cristina’s nutritional center, he was on the brink of death. One hospital refused to treat him, telling his distraught parents, “He isn’t worth taking care of because he is going to die.” But Sister Cristina believes in God’s healing power. Through constant prayer and hard work, she saved his life.

Lester is now a healthy, thriving child who runs about, flashes a rare smile at visitors and acts like any normal toddler. Through your support, you help save starving children from certain death. These precious little ones who were doomed by others are now living examples of the power of your love for Christ and the poor.

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