Help Me Be Strong

A gift of water will save lives!

Your gift for clean water today can change a child’s life.

Luis, 5, struggles daily to provide water for his family in rural Mozonte, Nicaragua. He does his best to be strong. Twice a day his chore is to collect water contaminated by parasites and harmful bacteria for drinking, cooking and bathing.

With no access to clean water, Luis is forced to drink the dirty water. Even a few sips are enough to cause stomachaches and diarrhea for this precious boy. But he has no choice. Every day he has to make two, hourlong treks to the deep hole in the ground where he painstakingly pulls up the heavy bucket of water.

Your gift for clean water can transform the future of children like Luis.

Please be as generous as you can to help provide water for families in need.

“The poor and needy search for water,
but there is none…”
Isaiah 41:17a (NIV)

Ways to give

*Because of the size and need of the average family, for $7,200, we build all homes with two-bedrooms and a living area, sanitation, a water component, furnishings and solar-powered lights. Any gift of $3,600 will be matched by another generous donor, and you will both receive a Certificate of Appreciation with a photograph of the family standing before their secure and comfortable home. What a beautiful way to honor or memorialize a loved one.