About Angels Of Hope

The Angels Of Hope program is an opportunity for you to form a lasting bond with a special child. The children in our program have faced many difficulties in their young lives, but you can offer them the encouragement, unconditional love and tangible support they need to develop and grow into healthy adults.

Will I be able to correspond with my child?

The children will send letters to you twice a year. Each child will write their own letter and those who are not yet able to write may send a drawing or a hand print. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to write back to their child. Letters can be sent to us via mail or submitted online at www.foodforthepoor.org/write

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

If you would like to send additional gifts to your sponsored child, we suggest including paper items attached by a staple to your letter. This can include items like bookmarks, stickers, pictures of you and your family, etc. As long as these items are paper and can fit in your letter envelope, we can easily send them to your sponsored child. Larger items are not encouraged as there are additional costs associated with delivering such items to your child. Sending packages in the mail internationally can also incur customs fees that the home would have to pay to be able to collect the gift.

Why does my child’s bio have only his age and not his birth date?

Many children in the program have been abandoned by their families and do not have legal documents such as a birth certificate. Many children born to poor families simply may not have ever had a birth certificate, or it was lost along the way. As a result, many of the children’s ages are estimated when they arrive to the homes. As the children receive proper nutrition and care, it may turn out that they are in fact older than initially estimated. Therefore, program-wide, we feature ages and not birthdays.

Can I send my child a birthday present?

Included as part of your sponsorship is a birthday gift for your sponsored child. Each home has its own way of celebrating birthdays. Some homes host one party per month for all the children celebrating birthdays, while others may do something special on each individual day. Through your sponsorship, we send funding to the homes for the children's birthdays. So you are already sending them a birthday present!

Why automatic withdrawals?

Automatic withdrawals from your bank account or credit card reduce our processing and postage costs — allowing more of your donation to be used where it is really needed.

Will I be able to select my child?

All orphaned or abandoned children in this program need and deserve the love and support of an Angel Of Hope. In an effort to be as fair and helpful as possible, we prayerfully select a child for you based on greatest need. This method of selection not only allows us to meet the greatest needs first, it also reduces our administrative expenses by not having to match requested criteria to a particular child.

If your sponsored child leaves their home to live with relatives or because he or she has reached adulthood, you will be notified and given the opportunity to sponsor another child.

What are the homes like?

We select homes that have established themselves as trusted, respected local institutions. We take our time to develop a relationship and understanding of each home before we offer them the opportunity to participate in the AOH program. Our coordinators regularly visit and communicate with each home to ensure we are aware of their needs and able to provide them with the best support possible.

Each home is different and serves a different population of children. We have some homes that maintain a school on the same property and others that have beautiful farms or vocational training programs. Each home is as unique as all the children they care for. Angels Of Hope works to supply the necessary resources so that each home's staff is able provide the high, integrated quality of care they strive for. But even in the best environment, all children want to feel unique … to know that someone has a special place in their heart just for them. That’s what you can do!