Featured Child — Vilna

In Haiti, 5-year-old Vilna is hungry, her empty belly aches for food her parents don’t have to give her. Without receiving proper nourishment, Vilna’s ability to fight illness and disease will continue to diminish.

Her mother, Mimrose, has no way to earn an income and relies on neighbors who give her a little rice when they can. But it is not enough.

Some days, there is no food for her children. “When I don’t have anything to feed them, my heart aches so much,” she said. “I feel powerless and ashamed. So, I caress them to try to console them.”

Your loving gift to Food For The Poor provides Vilna, and children like her, food, medical care and other critical essentials they desperately need to survive.

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“Whoever receives
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receives Me”
(Matthew 18:5)