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In Honduras, 2-year-old Eric is very sick. His mother, Santos, 24, hugs him close, dreading what may happen to her baby boy. “I don’t sleep the whole night because I need to see what I can do for him,” she cried. “I get so worried.”


Every child deserves to live

Children like Carlos and Moises know the gnawing pain of stomachs that are never full. There is little to eat. Sometimes a meal is less than a cup of beans a day. Growing children need much more to thrive, let alone survive.


You can help save a child's life

Madjie is slowly wasting away. She is so weak from hunger that she can't walk or even stand. "She can't hold herself up because she is suffering," her mother, Nadia said. Lack of food has taken a toll on Madjie's frail little body. She is often sick with fevers and diarrhea, and she has "a lot of rashes on her body," Nadia said.


Help Starving Children Today

It nearly happened to little Darwin, who has half the weight of an average newborn when he was rushed to a Food For The Poor donor-supported nutritional center. Now, thanks to donors like you, 1-year-old Darwin is thriving.


Just one dime can feed a starving child

Can you imagine having constant, agonizing stomach cramps from never having enough food? Little Evelyn can… and she's only 2 ½ years old. All she has ever known in her young life is hunger. Evelyn's belly is swollen from malnutrition, and she is in danger of growing thinner and sicker each day.


Suffering Children Need Your Help!

Hunger and a house threatening to collapse upon her are taking their toll on Nadjouska, 2, in Haiti. Nadjouska was still in her mother’s womb when her family’s life in Haiti came crashing down. Her father, who was working in the Dominican Republic to help care for the family had suddenly died, leaving Nadjouska’s mom, Nadia, a widow without a means to provide for her children.