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Hurricane Dorian Relief

The Bahamas desperately need your help

Please join with us now to save those who are clinging to survival.


Please help this family escape the path of danger!

Trapped living in the path of danger, along a major highway in northern Honduras, 3-year-old Juana knows it’s frightening when her home shakes as cars and trucks barrel down the road and water pours on her when it rains as she sleeps, but she’s too young to understand why her mother cries regularly.



Belonique, 35, faces this problem all the time. She is a single mother in Haiti who has no means to provide for her two little ones, Jovani, 1, and Youvens, 2. The children cry when they are hungry and it is not unusual for them to fall asleep hungry as well. So, their mother must resort to begging for food from neighbors.


Help Venezuelans
in Crisis!

The dangerous streets of Colombia are no place for a mother to sleep with her two young daughters. But Carmen, 37, had no choice but to abandon her middle-class life in Venezuela for these streets when her schoolteacher’s salary could not buy enough food to keep her daughters, Falete, 11, and Cielo, 1, alive.