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It's been two days since Eddy, a starving 6-year-old boy in Haiti, has had anything to eat, and he doesn't know when or if he'll ever get to eat again.

Because of his severe malnutrition, Eddy is constantly sick with a cough and fevers. His frail immune system doesn't have the strength to fight off illness. Without the proper nutrition, his health will only get worse.

Eddy's mother, Joane, spends all day cutting wood to sell each week at the market, trying to earn a little money to feed her children, but it's never enough. Most days she comes home empty-handed to the hungry cries of Eddy and his siblings.

Please help us deliver lifesaving food to children like Eddy who are struggling to survive. By sharing your blessings with hungry children like Eddy and providing nutritious food, you are saving lives. Please give your most generous gift today!

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“For I rescued the poor who cried out for help,
the orphans, and the unassisted…”
(Job 29:12)