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“I’m afraid he can die,” Eric’s mother, Santos said.

In Honduras, 2-year-old Eric is very sick. His mother, Santos, 24, hugs him close, dreading what may happen to her baby boy. “I don’t sleep the whole night because I need to see what I can do for him,” she cried. “I get so worried.”

Eric suffers from the debilitating effects of malnutrition, his little body racked with bouts of diarrhea. “His belly gets all swollen,” Santos said, crying. “He got real bad last month and again, he’s real bad right now. But because of lack of money, I can’t take him to the doctor.”

Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, impoverished children like Eric suffer from the ravaging effects of malnutrition and struggle to get the nourishment they so desperately need.

You can help! For $3, the cost of an average school lunch in the United States, you could fill the lunch bags of 30 starving children in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Now, your gift can go even further. Thanks to a special matching food grant from a friend of Food For The Poor, you now have the tremendous opportunity to save the lives of more children like Eric. Every dollar you give will be matched with a dollar’s worth of food, making your gift go even further!

You can make a difference with your gift today for so many children like Eric living in extreme poverty throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Please don’t miss this chance to help.

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“Comfort, O comfort My people,
says your God.”
(Isaiah 40:1, NRSVCE)