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Baby Luis lost his twin brother to the deadly effects of malnutrition. His mother, Iris, can only weep… and worry about what comes next.

Already, 1 ½ -year-old Luis, of Guatemala, is so weak from malnutrition he can't walk. He can only cling to his mother, who worries that he will waste away from the deadly effects of malnutrition, just like his twin brother did two months earlier.

Relentless droughts have meant no crops — and no income to buy food to help Luis survive. Often the only thing Luis has to eat is a soup made of leaves boiled in water. This terrifies Iris, as she can only hope and pray she won't lose her only remaining child.

We have been blessed with a matching-food grant from a special friend of Food For The Poor. This matching-food grant means that your gift will help nourish even more children. You can make a difference with your gift today for so many children like Luis living in extreme poverty throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

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“He shows pity to the needy and the poor
and saves the lives of the poor.”
(Psalm 72:13)