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Wouldn’t you like to be able to feed twice as many starving children? Today you can!

If your gift is received by Easter Sunday, April 1, it will be matched to feed twice as many malnourished children. Generous friends of our ministry will match your gift dollar for dollar (up to $500,000).

Your gift will go so much further to feed innocent children like 2-year-old Tyler in Jamaica. His mother, Odette, spends every day searching for work so that she can feed him. Often there is nothing, and she is forced to beg for money to buy food. Tyler hungrily waits for her to come home, not knowing if he’ll get to eat that day. On the days Odette returns with no food to give Tyler, he goes hungry.

This Easter, you can provide lifesaving food to a starving child like Tyler. Remember, every dollar you give will be doubled to feed even more hungry children. Your gift can help ensure that children like Tyler won't have to wonder if they'll get to eat each day. May God bless you.

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“Comfort, give comfort to My people,
says your God.”
(Isaiah 40:1)