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More than a million Haitians suffer from food insecurity

Imagine telling your children that you have no food to fill their empty bellies. Nothing to stop their hungry cries for something to eat. That is often the bitter reality for Delene, a poor mother and her children living in Haiti.

Delene and her family are among the 1.3 million Haitians, according to the United Nations, suffering from severe food insecurity. With nothing but hunger pains filling their stomachs, her children — 2-year-old Mackendley and his siblings — cry until they fall asleep. Delene can only comfort them with the hope of something to eat the next day.

The effects of poor nutrition are slowly weakening Delene's children, leaving them vulnerable to illness. Little Mackendley suffers the most. He is often sick with vomiting, severe skin rashes, and he is often too frail to stand. But you can help save the lives of starving children like Mackendley and his siblings.

You can make a lifesaving difference for poor children like Mackendley, who is suffering from the effects of extreme hunger. Please be as generous as you can.

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“Comfort, give comfort
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