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Suffering Haitian Children Need
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What would you do if you had nothing to feed your children?

Belonique, 35, faces this problem all the time. She is a single mother in Haiti who has no means to provide for her two little ones, Jovani, 1, and Youvens, 2. The children cry when they are hungry and it is not unusual for them to fall asleep hungry as well. So, their mother must resort to begging for food from neighbors.

Desperate to keep her children alive, she will go a day without eating, but always tries to find some food so the little ones can eat. "I'd rather be hungry so their bellies will be full," Belonique said.

About half the people in Haiti are chronically undernourished and suffer from food insecurity. This kind of hunger is the type that keeps children crying for food to fill their empty stomachs and causes mothers to despair. It's the kind of despair that keeps Belonique praying for her children.

Your gift will help provide lifesaving food and help save Haitian children and their families from starvation. With your donation, they will have the chance to fight for a better future instead of trying to survive from one day to the next. May God bless you for feeding hungry, innocent Haitian children.

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“The LORD is just and loves just deeds;
the upright shall see His face.”
(Psalm 11:7)