You Can Help Save a Child’s Life

You Can Help Save a Child’s Life

Wideline and her son, Guemsley, live in Haiti in an area where jobs are difficult to find, but hunger is plentiful. Guemsley is only 1½ and, unlike his older siblings, doesn’t understand why he is hungry all the time. He only knows the pain of a stomach that is never full. Wideline took her son to a nutrition clinic, where he was diagnosed with acute malnutrition.

Lacking food for her children is a constant source of sorrow for Wideline, who tries the best she can to survive from one day to the next. “I can’t feed my babies,” Wideline said. “I want to cry all the time.”

Innocent children like Guemsley need angels like you to be there in spirit to hold their hands and deliver lifesaving aid. Wideline struggles to earn a meager living by selling odds and ends at the marketplace, but recently it is harder to get to the market to peddle her goods. Lacking food, Guemsley grew weaker and more ill. A kind neighbor helped Wideline get her son to a clinic that you help support through Food For The Poor.

Your compassionate gift can help stop the pitiful cries of suffering children like Guemsley who so desperately need food to grow and thrive.

Please, give a gift for food today and help save the life of a starving child like Guemsley.

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"For I was hungry and
you gave Me something to eat …"
(Matthew 25:35a, NIV)