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Just one dime can save a starving child

Sixteen-month-old Rosa, cries and cries with hunger, her mother, Santos, is heartbroken that she can't give her enough food. The few morsels she is able to find are not enough to provide Rosa the nourishment she needs to grow and thrive.

Rosa weighs just 15 pounds, almost half of what she should weigh. Santos tries to breastfeed, but worries that her milk has no nutritional value. Without receiving proper nutrition soon, Rosa's chances of growing up healthy are slipping away.

You can help stop the anguished cries of hungry children like Rosa. Just 10 cents can provide a lifesaving meal for a starving child.

Food For The Poor buys food supplies in bulk, so your gift will go further to deliver lifesaving shipments of nutritious food to hungry children.

It may not seem like much, but for children like Rosa, 10 cents can mean the difference between life and death. Please help feed a hungry child today.

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"He who has compassion on the poor
poor lends to the Lord, and
he will repay him for his good deed."
(Proverbs 19:17)