Please save starving children!

Please read the email below

From: Sister Edna
Sent: Friday, 10:03 AM
To: Robin Mahfood
Subject: Please help

Dear Robin,

We are in critical need of your help to save the little ones.

There are more children arriving each day. Their parents can't even grow food to feed their starving children. The poor farmers here in San Agustin have suffered for years from a severe drought. Work has vanished, and food prices have skyrocketed. There is little hope that the ongoing drought will end soon.

I can't let the little ones in my care perish. If they go home, they will die.

One such baby, Darwin, arrived by ambulance. Doctors at the hospital felt they could not do anything to save him, so they sent him to me. He was only 5 days old and weighed a little over 3 pounds. He was so fragile.

Children like Darwin deserve so much love and care. When I look into their faces, I see the face of the suffering Christ. When I hug them, I feel as if I am hugging a little Jesus.

With your help and the help of your incredibly generous donors, we'll continue doing God's work by nourishing innocent children like Darwin back to health. Thank you as always for your love, your kindness and the compassion of your donors. We need your support.

May God bless you and all Food For The Poor donors.

Director, Sister Edna's Nutritional Center
San Agustin, Guatemala

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