Please save starving children!

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From: Dr. Olga Sanchez
Sent: Tuesday, 10:49 AM
To: Robin Mahfood
Subject: Please help us save children

Dear Robin,

We urgently need your help. Monsoon rains in the last few months of 2017 wiped out crops throughout Nicaragua, resulting in a severe food shortage. Poor families are unable to provide food for their beloved children.

More starving children arrive at the nutritional centers we support every day. Like 3-year-old Esteysi, most are so severely malnourished they can't walk. Little Esteysi only weighed 11.9 pounds when her desperate grandmother first brought her to the center. A healthy girl her age should weigh about 32 pounds! The only thing this precious girl had to eat was the dirt on the floor of her home in rural Nicaragua.

Vulnerable children like Esteysi need your help today. It's heartbreaking to see them suffer from the horrible effects of malnutrition, but we don't have the resources to help them all. We need you now more than ever. Please, ask your generous donors to help save these precious children.

May God bless you,

Dr. Olga Sanchez, General Practitioner, specializing in Public Health
American Nicaraguan Foundation

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