Why does a loving God let children suffer?

Sometimes, it’s easy to wonder why God allows so much suffering in the world. But where there is suffering, there is also faith.

Anita is a 26-year-old mother in Honduras who cannot find work and is unable to raise her 1-year-old son, Jariel, in a proper home or feed him nutritious food. Jariel is often hungry, but his mother's faith in God is strong. “You always have to give thanks to God for food and to have health,” Anita said. “No matter what you have, you have to thank God.”

During this holy season of Lent, we remember that Jesus willingly gave up His life because He loved us so much. When you share Christ’s love by sharing your blessings, you are sharing His love with hungry and suffering children like little Jariel.

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“This, rather, is the fasting that I wish…
Sharing your bread with the hungry…”
(Isaiah 58: 6a, 7a)