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Will you love one another as Jesus
loves us?

Jesus asked us to follow His example and love one another as He loves us. Helping suffering families is one way to honor our Lord during the holy season of Lent. You can demonstrate a Christ-like love by helping a suffering child like Djemsna, 3. She cries from painful hunger, because her mother, Marie, might only have a cup or two of rice for Djemsna and her siblings. Marie relies on her faith when little Djemsna weeps from hunger.

"I just put my knees to the ground and pray to God," Marie said.

Even during the darkest times in her life, Marie trusts in our Lord and finds strength in her faith. During this time of Lent, we reflect upon the ultimate loving sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Helping suffering children is a way to honor our Lord's tremendous sacrifice for us during Lent. Even the smallest gift can make a tremendous difference to save children in need.

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“Even when I walk through a dark valley,
I fear no harm for You are at my side.”
(Psalm 23:4)