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One Tortilla a Day

A drought, plus crop disease breed hunger in the rural area of El Salvador where Diana and her family live. As a result, Patricia, Diana's mother, must ration the food she will give her family to survive. Before the family's crops failed, Patricia couldn't afford to give Diana and her siblings more than a few spoonfuls of rice or beans and a couple of tortillas each day. Now, the hungry children eat even less.

With very little income, it's nearly impossible for Patricia to feed her family, and it tears her apart to see her children go hungry. Diana sees her mother comforting her younger siblings when they cry for food and she does the same for her favorite toy, Winnie-the-Pooh. She plays with Winnie, cradling him in her arms when the toy bear cries, and feeds him pretend rice and beans when he's hungry — food that she doesn't get to eat.

You can help answer the desperate prayers of the poor and save the lives of children like Diana. Food For The Poor is dedicated to helping children like her, won't you consider giving a gift to provide food today?

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