Your gift to feed starving children goes even further!

What would you do if you had nothing to eat for three days?

Six-year-old Geraldson lives in Haiti and has never known what it's like to eat every day. When there's only a cup or two of rice to feed his entire family, he scrapes out his portion to gobble down every last grain. When there's nothing to eat, his younger brother and sister cry. They are too little to understand that their mother struggles every day to find food.

Geraldson's mother, Edlande, 27, does the best she can. "We don't eat every day. When we find food, we eat," Edlande said. "When we don't, we don't eat."

Sometimes, when there is no food, Edlande will put a pinch of sugar into water just so Geraldson and his siblings will have something to fill their empty bellies. She prays for the family's daily bread and for our Lord to safeguard her children. "I ask Him to send things our way to feed our needs. I ask God for His favor and to protect us in our lives," she said.

Today, you can ease the suffering of poor families like Geraldson's and help answer their mother's prayers for food. Your gift will give lifesaving meals of rice and beans to hungry children like Geraldson.

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“Hear my voice, Lord, when I call;
have mercy on me and answer me.”
(Psalm 27:7)