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Ermelinda and family

Will you help comfort the poor as Jesus would?

Life for 13-year-old Ermelinda and her family in Nicaragua is filled with the suffering that comes from poverty. Ermelinda has to fetch the family’s water from a hand-dug, muddy hole twice a day. The water is dirty and frequently makes her family sick.

What would Jesus NOT do? Jesus would not let them go thirsty.

Their house is nothing more than sticks and black plastic. There is little protection from rain, wind and strangers. The shack leaks and is frequently invaded by rats.

What would Jesus NOT do? Jesus would not let the children live like this.

Food is expensive. Much as Ana Maria tries to make it stretch, sometimes there is not enough and the children are hungry.

What would Jesus NOT do? Jesus would not let this family go hungry.

What will YOU do?

Will you give this family a safe house, clean water to drink and food to eat as Jesus would?

Thank you for helping the poorest of the poor.

“If you bestow your bread on the hungry and satisfy the afflicted;
Then light shall rise for you in the darkness,
and the gloom shall become for you like midday.”
Isaiah 58:10

Ways to give

Shelter Them

Shelter Them

Families like Ana Maria’s need safe and secure homes. Please help give them sturdy homes to live in.
Refresh Them

Refresh Them

Children like Ermelinda should have not have to struggle to get water that is contaminated to drink. Please help give them clean water to drink.

Feed Them

Feed Them

Children like Juana should not go hungry. Please give them nourishing food to eat.