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Your gift will be matched to feed starving children.

What is faith in God?

For an anguished young mother in Guatemala, it means surrendering all to His purpose. Rumilia, 22, has remarkable faith in our Lord. Though her 1-year-old son Elias is severely malnourished, she trusts in God. She loves her little boy with all her heart, but if he dies, she knows it is God's will.

She prayed, "…if You want him to go with You… It is in Your hands."

Such deep faith and trust in God! This young mother loves God so much that she is willing to surrender to Him what is most precious to her – her little boy, Elias. Despite all she has suffered – going hungry and watching her child slowly starve because chronic drought has left the earth parched – she leaves Elias in His loving hands.

Today, you can not only feed Elias but many more like him. Generous donors have offered to match every $1 you give with $1 worth of food, making your gift go even further.

Please, send your most generous gift today, knowing that you are helping hungry and suffering children with your gift. We are thankful for your kindness toward the poor.

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"…yet not my will, but Yours be done."
(Luke 22:42 NIV)