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Bizmar, 3, lives with family in a fragile shack by a river that constantly floods. Bizmar's mother, Johana, is fearful of each rainy season. She tries not to panic, but when the water keeps rising to the outer walls of the house, she is forced to grab her children and flee their home. They brace for the worst when the water finally recedes and they can return home.

"I get afraid of what I might find, that I might find nothing." Johana said.

When it isn't raining, there are other problems with their cramped shack. Rats steal what little food the family manages to gather. Even when Johana covers their meager supply of corn to protect it from the vermin, the rodents invade their home and find it.

"They come and eat the food. It's every night and I haven't found a way to stop them," she said.

Because of the constant exposure to the elements, their children are often sick with fevers and colds.

"It's been raining and cold," Johana said. "When it rains, they get sick a lot."

But you can help. You have the ability to help provide a safe, secure home for a child like Bizmar and his family.

As part of our Giving Tuesday fundraising effort, our goal is to raise enough funds to provide 48 homes in 48 hours for poor children like Bizmar and their families. Through a special $750,000 matching-gift challenge, gifts we receive toward housing (up to $750,000) by midnight on December 3 will be doubled to help build two-bedroom homes for desperately poor families.

Poor children like Bizmar suffer daily in unsafe conditions, but you can change that. Please send your most generous gift today.

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