Your Gift Will Be Matched Dollar For Dollar

“The need to acquire food is so great that it could have great consequences for our children mainly, since they are the ones who will be most affected by this PANDEMIC, and many will not know what happened, or why their parents will not feed them.”
- José Joaquin Mendoza Rodríguez, Director of Social Assistance Program and Nonprofit Institutions, Order of Malta, Guatemala

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing a severe food crisis for those who already have so little. Countless jobs have been lost to countrywide shutdowns, including the day labor jobs that kept many poor families eating from one day to the next. The meager food supply that most families had is disappearing. Countries already facing food insecurity could quickly become the victims of a life-threatening food shortage.

But you can help! Thanks to a special matching-gift challenge from a generous group of donors, gifts received for food (up to $750,000) by midnight Tuesday, May 5, will be matched dollar for dollar to feed twice as many hungry children and families.

Please, send your most generous gift today.

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