Food For The Poor Organizes Easter Prisoner Releases

Nonviolent offenders in Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti and Honduras are set free

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (April 3, 2009) — In anticipation of Easter Sunday, Food For The Poor has made it possible for groups of prisoners in four countries to begin new, honorable lives. Prisoners in Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti and Honduras who committed nonviolent offenses, but were incarcerated due to their inability to pay the required fines, will be released in time to spend Easter with their families. A total of 69 prisoners will be released in these countries.

“Easter Sunday is an important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year,” said Sandra Ramsey, Food For The Poor’s Jamaica Prison Ministry Program manager. “It is beneficial for families to be united on this Holy Day.”

“The Prison Ministry Program has an incredible success rate,” Ramsey said. “The program enables those who were unable to pay their required fines an opportunity to start their lives over with dignity. Food For The Poor provides them with the necessary tools and training to start a fruitful business venture so they will experience success and not revert to crime.”

Since the inception of Food For The Poor’s Prison Ministry Program in 2000, Food For The Poor has assisted in freeing, training and reintroducing approximately 800 persons into the community as productive citizens. The prisoners who were released were incarcerated for nonviolent crimes, such as stealing food. Food For The Poor works with the prisoners before and after they are released to ensure they will not be repeat offenders.

“Jesus’ resurrection verified all that Jesus preached and taught during His three-year ministry,” said Robin Mahfood, President/CEO of Food For The Poor. “Through His resurrection, all of His people have the ability to begin a new life.”

Prison authorities have found Food For The Poor’s Prison Ministry Program to be so successful that they have implemented a similar program themselves. Some prisons now offer inmates jobs in the prison where they are held so that they can earn money to pay off their fines.

Twice a year — during the Easter and Christmas seasons — the Food For The Poor Prison Ministry Program releases inmates who have committed minor offenses.

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