Father Duken, a priest who Works with Us in Haiti, Jan. 27 Message from Cap-Haitien

Port-au-Prince has been devastated. Thousands have lost their lives. Thousands are still alive but physically or emotionally injured. Those who had such a small amount now have nothing. What to say? What to do? No words to describe this situation.
The suffering is deep, the road to recovery may be long and difficult but we won’t leave you alone. That's the message that Food for the Poor is sending to all the victims that come to the northern area as refugees. We do it not in words but in facts. When they arrive, a hot meal or snack is offered, they get registered (30,000 so far) and receive a kit to take care of them for one week. In this kit, they have rice, beans, cooking oil, clothing and toiletries. Doctors and psychologists are available. When they come back, they will receive goods for one month, and then it will be time for us to think about the other needs like housing and schooling.

Food for the Poor is leading the way as many other local organizations have joined us. This is a good example of solidarity. We provide all the goods, system and supervision, and they do the service. In addition to what we used to do, we will be trying to extend this program and get it organized in Fort Liberte and Port de Paix within the next two weeks.
Things are one thousand times more difficult and they threaten to get more and more difficult. Many people are still in state of shock, they have not realized yet what really happened to them. Please keep us in your prayers.
I want to specially thank you Mr. Robin for giving us the capacity to serve our brothers and sisters this way in such a special moment of history.
May God be with you all,
Fr Duken