A Message on Compassion Touches Young Hearts: Louisiana Sisters Craft Colorful Hair Ties to Build Home in Haiti

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (Aug. 15, 2018) Sisters Mia and Ava Cresap came up with a creative way to tie up funds to help a family in dire need. The sisters, 7 and 9, live on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville, La., and have decided to sell handmade hair ties to build a home in Haiti by using a business plan they call "Hair Ties for Haiti."

"I feel like my project is important because Jesus commands us to help the poor," said Mia, the older of the two. "It's important because if other people, especially children, see us raising money for the poor then maybe they will want to do it. My parents have taught us that God gives us each special talents, and that we should use those talents to help and serve others. My sister Ava and I like to craft, and we love making hair ties."

The Cresap sisters were moved to make a difference by doing what they love after hearing a Food For The Poor speaker at Sunday Mass. They listened carefully as he expressed the needs of the poorest of the poor one June morning at Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church. The girls' mother said his message on compassion touched the entire family, but made a deep impact on her daughters.

"When we got home from church, Mia and Ava asked my husband and me if we could find a way to build a house in Haiti," said Renee Cresap. "Doug and I said, 'yes' and we should have a family meeting to discuss how we could come up with the money. A few days later, the girls approached me and said that they would like to start a business to sell a product to help fund their Haiti house."

With the support of their parents, the girls decided to cash in the family coin bank, sell an unused piece of furniture, and to clean out closets to get the ball rolling on their project. Both parents helped buy the necessary supplies, but it was the girls who enlisted the help of their cousins, friends and neighbors to help them make 620 hair ties.

Doug Cresap, who is a civil engineer, said he's very proud to see his girls taking the lead and answering the call to help others. He and his wife said they are inspired by their young daughters.

"By blessing others, we also are blessed in profound ways," said Doug Cresap. "Whether it's a local person or someone halfway across the world, we trust in Him when God calls on our hearts to help those in need."

Now that the new school year has started, the sisters are focused on building this home for a family in Haiti before they get busy with school work.

The Cresap sisters have permission to sell their hair ties at Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 1501 West Causeway Approach, Mandeville, La., on Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.

They are hoping the community will support them in reaching their goal of $3,600. Each hair tie set sells for $3 and includes two elastic bands and a card with an inscription of the Bible verse, "Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14 (NABS). The keepsake cards can be used as bookmarks.

The sisters also have a Food For The Poor Champion's page for secure online donations toward their house at www.FoodForThePoor.org/hairtiesforhaiti.

"I want to help build a home in Haiti," said Ava. "Jesus tells us to give to the poor and building a house will change a family's life forever!"

Food For The Poor, one of the largest international relief and development organizations in the nation, does much more than feed millions of the hungry poor primarily in 17 countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. This interdenominational Christian ministry provides emergency relief assistance, clean water, medicine, educational materials, homes, support for orphans and the aged, skills training and micro-enterprise development assistance. For more information, please visit www.FoodForThePoor.org.

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