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FFTP Looks To Be Catalyst for Change in Haiti as Quake Recovery Continues
In the 18 days since Haiti's southern peninsula was rocked by an earthquake, Food For The Poor has dispatched more than 60 truckloads of critical relief supplies to families in desperate need of food, water and shelter.

FFTP Works With Partners to Provide Immediate Relief, Long-Term Aid to Haiti
Food For The Poor is working with multiple partners to secure critically needed food, water, medicines and other essential aid to support the ongoing relief effort in Haiti.

FFTP Keeps Warehouse Open on Saturday for Haiti Donations
Food For The Poor is accepting canned goods and first aid items at its Coconut Creek warehouse for the next two Saturdays to help families in Haiti suffering from the recent earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace.

FFTP Distributes Aid in Haiti after Double Hit from Quake and Storm
Food For The Poor is rushing critical aid to families in Haiti’s southern peninsula who are now suffering from heavy rains from Tropical Storm Grace in the same area affected by Saturday’s major earthquake.

FFTP Delivers Aid as Haiti Convulses from Relentless Aftershocks
This morning, a fleet of five 40-foot containers carrying essential aid left the Food For The Poor-Haiti warehouse dock in Port-au-Prince, headed for the southern peninsula of the country.

Media Alert: Violent Earthquake Shakes Haiti
Food For The Poor is responding immediately following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti's southern peninsula, about 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince, early Saturday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti: FFTP Delivers Urgent Aid to Salvation Army, Church Shelters
In the face of repeated violence and upheaval since the assassination of Haiti's president, Food For The Poor is taking extraordinary measures to get aid to people who need it most.

In Courageous Mission, FFTP Resupplies Distribution Centers in Southern Haiti
In the post-storm hours of Sunday morning, a convoy of 10 40-foot tractor tractors and two auxiliary trucks pulled out of the Food For The Poor-Haiti compound in Port-au-Prince at 6:30 a.m.

FFTP, USSOUTHCOM Partner to Send COVID-19 Vaccine Freezers to Haiti
Eleven ultra-low temperature freezers specially equipped to store COVID-19 vaccines are expected to arrive in Haiti on Thursday, in partnership with U.S. Southern Command.

Lack of Food, Rise in Violence and COVID-19 Cases Push Haiti Deeper Into Crisis
Food For The Poor is poised to ship additional food to Haiti to help families in desperate need as a humanitarian crisis brought on by continued civil unrest, gang violence and a spike in COVID-19 cases has seized the country.

Food For The Poor Aids Haitians Driven from Homes by Violence
Food For The Poor is rushing to provide food and critical aid to as many as 3,000 refugees from Martissant taking shelter in a sports center and other public places in Carrefour, Haiti, after their homes were pillaged, burned and destroyed by gangs.

Food For The Poor Collects Canned Goods to Help Families in Haiti
Food For The Poor is collecting canned goods and other critically needed supplies to help families in Haiti facing dire hunger and increased levels of severe child malnutrition.

"The Need Is Going to Get Worse": Upheaval in Haiti Calls for Extraordinary Response
A surge in COVID-19 cases coupled with civil unrest and gang violence have created a humanitarian crisis in Haiti with families facing dire hunger and hospitals not equipped to treat patients ill with the virus.