FFTP, Churches in Dallas Deliver Aid to Families Affected by Winter Storm

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (March 18, 2021) Although North Texas has thawed from a record-breaking winter storm in February, the needs of vulnerable families have not disappeared.

As the power returned and temperatures warmed, pipes burst, flooding homes and leaving many without running water. On top of the already challenging COVID-19 pandemic, others who rely on their paychecks to purchase groceries and basic supplies faced financial hardship because they couldn’t work.

Food For The Poor responded to the crisis with essential household goods to help those families grasping for the most basic of needs.

Catholic Charities of Dallas and Highland Park United Methodist Church each received one tractor-trailer load of goods from FFTP partner World of Giving and oversaw distribution to families, partner agencies and organizations in the Dallas area.

The goods included blankets, coconut water, aloe vera drinks, personal hygiene products, baby diapers and inflatable mattresses.

Jari Mema, Chief Services Officer for Catholic Charities of Dallas, said many families were displaced because of water damage to their homes or rental apartments. Others could remain in their homes but had no water.

The organization provided assistance and goods at two St. Jude Centers that provide housing for about 100 seniors, as well as locations housing homeless people impacted by COVID-19 or in need of shelter due to the winter storm.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the donors who made this distribution possible,” Mema said. “These supplies are still very much in need and will be a blessing to families.”

Highland Park United Methodist Church distributed the items to community agencies, which in turn provided them to families.

“Every item donated was desperately needed and has been put to good use,” said Caroline Hazlett, Highland Park United Methodist Church’s Impact Coordinator for Disaster and Emergency Response.

“We are truly honored to partner in ministry with Food For The Poor,” Hazlett said. “Because of your generosity, families affected by the winter storm and living on the edge have been provided a measure of relief and more importantly, a glimmer of hope.”

While Food For The Poor primarily works internationally, the dire needs of families in Texas captured the charity’s attention.

Food For The Poor President/CEO Ed Raine said working with Catholic Charities of Dallas and Highland Park United Methodist Church is in line with the charity’s mission to reach more churches in the United States.

“We strive to engage with the churches in a way that strengthens their congregations and to do things they couldn’t necessarily do by themselves,” Raine said.

“When a natural disaster like this winter storm strikes, it’s our friends and neighbors around us who are suffering,” he said. “We’re grateful for the support of World of Giving, who provided these goods, and to the churches who delivered this much-needed aid directly to the people who need it most.”
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Michael Turnbell

Public Relations
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