Adriana's miracle of hope

When Adriana was 6 years old she weighed only 22 pounds. Frail and suffering in pain, Adriana had been admitted to the Matagalpa Recovery Center in northern Nicaragua because her malnutrition was so severe. Her parents were poor and couldn’t afford proper nutrition for their little girl, let alone the medicine she needed to recover.

When she would lie in her hospital bed, with her rail-like bones protruding from her sickly body, she would whimper in pain and cry out to her mother.

“I want my mommy!” she pitifully cried.

At one time in Adriana’s young life, she became infested with stomach parasites that punctured her intestinal wall, causing her colon to rupture. She had to have emergency surgery to save her life. Her mother, Ana Isabel, prayed to God to stop her precious daughter’s suffering.

“I prayed to God each day and night that she’d get better. I wanted her to stop suffering. She has suffered a lot already. I cried, thinking about it all the time. But at one point, we thought she was so weak, so gone, that God would take her,” said Ana Isabel.

Despite the severity of her chronic malnutrition, Adriana has a strong, resilient spirit. Just when all hope seemed loss, compassionate Food For The Poor donors, alongside the caring staff at the Matagalpa Recovery Center that they help support, stepped in to save this tender child from the clutches of starvation.

After months of nutritional recovery, Adriana is now a happy, bouncing girl that loves to smile and play. Her parents are elated to see their precious little girl healthy once again. Her whimpering cries have been transformed into joyous laughter.

Miraculous stories like Adriana’s serve as a beacon of hope to her parents, the loving staff at Food For The Poor-supported nutritional centers, and compassionate people like you who reach out to children in desperate need.