Aneilia’s life is transformed

Dried blood from hundreds of mosquitoes covered the walls of the broken wood and zinc shack where 9-year-old Aneilia used to live. Termites swarmed the roof of her home in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, eating away the rotting wood and making the roof unsafe for the precious girl and her family.

“I’m afraid the roof will drop down on me,” Aneilia had said.

But through the kind generosity of Food For The Poor donors, Aneilia and her family now live in a solid, safe home with a door that locks. The sweet child no longer has to worry about mosquitoes biting her at night and can sleep without fear of the roof falling on top of her.

“It’s nice right now because with that [old] house, it make her sick every minute,” Aneilia’s mother, Cheryl, said. “But it’s nice now because she don't get sick no more. We live in a safe home and a nice home.”