No more tears for Lanae

When asked if she had friends in her neighborhood, 10-year-old Lanae’s eyes welled up with tears. She shook her head no and began to cry.

Lanae’s mom, Annice, explained, “The children curse at them, and tell me to fix my house. I tell my children, ‘One day it will be better.’”

Unable to afford a safe place to live, Lanae’s mom built their piecemeal shack from scraps with help from friends. Roaches, rats and bullfrogs were constantly in the house, and every time it rained, the floor turned to mud. The children frequently caught colds from the damp environment.

Annice prayed for her children every day, and kept trusting that God would hear her pleas for shelter. “He always answers me,” she said. “That’s why He sent you here to help them (my children), not really for me, but for them.”

Thanks to the generosity of compassionate Food For The Poor donors, Lanae now has a safe and secure home.

“Thank you for giving me this house because it’s comfortable and nice,” Lanae said.

Feeling comfortable at home is a drastic departure from the sleepless nights the family used to endure in their old shack. They no longer worry about rodents entering the home. They’re protected from the rainfall, so the children are healthier. Rude taunts from the neighborhood kids are a thing of the past.

On their first night’s sleep in the new house, “We all wake up like it was the most comfortable sleep we ever had!” Annice said.

When we first met Annice