A New Home for Basilia's Family

Basilia’s children never knew what it was like to sleep through the night. Basilia is a young mother of five, who spent her nights swatting mosquitoes off her little ones as they fitfully slept on a moldy piece of rotted foam in their tiny shack in Honduras. Basilia’s children were also used to wasps, fleas, frogs, roaches and mice coming into their home.

Basilia desperately wanted to raise her children in a solid home, but she only made $2 a day in the local dump and that money went to pay for food to feed her children.

But now, because of the kindness of Food For The Poor donors, Basilia’s children sleep on clean, new mattresses in a safe, solid Food For The Poor home. Basilia and her children are at peace and are grateful for the help they received.