Answered Prayers for Bibi

Your compassion has made blessings flow for Bibi and her children more than she could have ever imagined. They are now able to gather under one roof to cook together, eat together and enjoy a home that’s warm and dry, even when it’s raining outside. 

Before you blessed this family with a new home, they were living in a one-room zinc shack with a leaky roof. Bibi’s four children, between the ages of 1 and 15, had known only the same cramped, damp conditions too, where they often suffered from colds and flu. Rainfall regularly soaked their clothes and bed, forcing them to huddle in a dry corner; waiting for the downpour to end.

But even dry days could be miserable. On some nights, the family slept outside because the inside of the home was still too wet. “Sometimes we cry; sometimes, we’re sad,” Bibi shared with us when we first met her. “We beg God that we come out of this poverty. We want to get out of it.”

You have answered Bibi’s deepest prayer for her children. Now, her family no longer shudders when the rain falls, which it does a tremendous amount in tropical Guyana. “We’ll be able to keep (the house) clean,” said Bibi’s daughter Lalita, a smiling 15-year-old.

Beaming with pride, Bibi said, “I never thought I would get one. No one offered me a home,” as she watched two men finish painting the front a crisp gray with white trim. “I’m very happy I own a home,” she said, and it showed.  Bibi had lined the path leading up to the entrance with several planters, each containing various decorative plants, including leafy green crotons and yellow and red flowers she called “jump and kiss.”

The land the house sits on is special to Bibi. The family’s newest addition, 1-year-old Ariana, was born in the far corner of the property because Bibi couldn’t afford transportation to the hospital. Little Ariana will never know how much Bibi and the rest of the family suffered on that land, where they cooked outside over a fire pit, and ate on the bare floor of their shack.

As she lovingly held Ariana, Bibi said, “She has a place to play, a place to sit and eat; a place to sleep when the night comes.”

When We First Met Bibi