A dream home for Briahanna

When she was only 6 years old, Briahanna dreamed of a better life. She lived with her mother and brother in a cramped, flimsy shack in Jamaica made of mangled tin sheets and rotten wood. Her neighborhood was dangerous, and the only door to her home wouldn’t close tight or lock, which was especially frightening at night.

There were large cracks in the walls so you could see right through the shack to the other side, and the only way to keep the roof from blowing off was to hold it down with heavy concrete blocks. Even worse, the roof had a gaping hole, so when it rained, the makeshift cardboard flooring would get all muddy and the family’s only bed would become soaking wet. These sleepless, rainy nights were dark and cold, and Briahanna and her family only had prayer to comfort them.

Briahanna’s old home had no toilet or running water, which created health issues for her and her family. Because of these conditions, they often became sick. Briahanna's mother, Barbara, suffers from rheumatic heart disease, which was only exacerbated by these harsh living conditions.

During this hard time in her life, Briahanna would dream of living in a house that’s painted her favorite color, blue.

Through the loving generosity of Food For The Poor’s donors, Briahanna is now living in her bright blue dream home!

Our compassionate donors stepped in and helped to answer Briahanna and her family’s prayers. Thanks to their kindness, Briahanna and her family now have a safe, sturdy home. The first time Briahanna saw her new home she was in disbelief. “God, I thank you…” she said sweetly.