A Mother’s Love

Candida loves her daughters and is deeply rooted in her community in Nicaragua where she has lived since she was 8 years old. She is raising her children as a single mother, and would pick through trash in the local dump from sunrise to sunset for a daily wage.

Family Ties

The moment Candida stepped onto the dumpsite to begin the day’s backbreaking work, she was fueled by her love of Eva, 4, and Litdenia, 2. She would do anything to keep her girls close to their extended family who live nearby. But Candida barely earned enough for food, and there was no money to make their shack a livable home.

Hardships and Blessings

Extreme poverty brings problems no one would want. Candida’s home was a shack made from scraps of wood, rusty zinc sheets and cardboard. Their home leaked and the children suffered from colds and other illnesses because of their damp, moldy environment.

But generous and kind donors like you provided blessings! Because of the outpouring of support, Candida and her daughters moved into a new, secure Food For The Poor home. “Thank you very much for all the help you have given us,” said Candida. “God will reward you.”