Daville has a new home!

Six-year-old Daville woke up screaming in the middle of the night, clutching the side of his head. A cockroach was burrowing into his ear. His mother, Donna, 36, acted quickly and dug the crawling insect out of his ear as she tried to comfort her crying, scared son.

That was a normal part of life for Daville and his family. The tiny makeshift shack where they lived in Jamaica did nothing to stop vermin from crawling on them in the night, prevent storms from flooding their home or protect against cruel men who would bang on the thin metal walls to scare the poor family.

“I cry because I don’t have anywhere else to go, so I have to stay,” Donna said. “I pray to God that one day I will get the help I need.”

But thanks to the loving generosity of Food For The Poor donors, Daville and his family now have a new Food For The Poor home with doors that lock! Because of our donors, they no longer have to worry about strangers bothering them or pests crawling on them at night.