Little Dayana is safe, dry and breathing easier

Living under plastic sheeting with jagged rocks for a floor, 7-year-old Dayana could only hope to be safe, let alone feel comfortable.

No door at her home in Haiti meant strangers could enter at will. The home — part of a tent city of similar homes — often flooded, so that her entire family had to climb into the same bed to stay dry. And the odor of a nearby garbage dump was overwhelming.

Thanks to God’s mercy and the kindness of Food For The Poor donors, Dayana got her first look at a real door — it’s the one she now sleeps safely behind. Her new Food For The Poor home is a solid house that stays dry. And the family has moved into a village, so that the dump’s foul odor has been lifted from their lives.

“This house is pretty,” Dayana said. “I’m going to sleep well.”

Her mother, Marieflo, is grateful her little girl is going to be comfortable. “We’ve been thanking God endlessly for His grace.”