The Power of Hope

Every day Dominga prayed for a new house. The shack she and her family lived in was old and had many leaks. Garbage and knee-high water rushed through it during rainstorms, turning the dirt floor to mud.

“I lived in the first house for 24 years,” Dominga recalled. “And in those 24 years I dreamed of getting a new house. But we couldn’t afford it. So, I was losing hope.”

Thanks to the love and compassion of people like you, Dominga’s hope surged, her prayers were answered, and her dream came true. She and her family now live safely in their new secure Food For The Poor home.

“I am grateful…joyful,” Dominga said. “I know that God will never leave us behind.” She now feels at ease leaving her children when she gets work. “When they come back from school, they are happy. If it’s raining, they come inside the house, they can do their homework.”