No More Stress, No More Crying

Worry for her grandchildren and desperation were Donna’s constant companions. She spent sleepless nights in fear that the roof of their tiny, dilapidated shack in Jamaica would collapse on top of the children. “I have to watch the kids because I don’t live in a proper house,” Donna cried.

It was Donna’s trust in God that sustained her through her darkest days. “I prayed a lot,” she said. “I say, ‘God, please just remember me. Just let me have a better house, a better environment for the kids.’ ”

Thanks to the loving generosity of people like you, Donna’s prayers have been answered. Now, she and her grandchildren sleep peacefully through the night in their sturdy Food For The Poor home. With your love and compassion, you helped transform the lives of families like Donna’s and gave them the gift of hope for a brighter future.